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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Worldwide Photowalk, Knoxville Chapter

I went on the Knoxville Photowalk today -- part of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk -- in and around Market Square.

It was quite a scene, with several dozen photographers milling around, at times swarming -- like a horde of paparazzi -- around the same, seemingly mundane thing. Such as, for instance, a random dog:

Puppy paparazzi

The owners look rather bemused. They weren't alone! :)

Not surprisingly, a whole bunch of the photographers also snapped photos of Loyette at one point or another. (That includes Becky.)

But our baby girl wasn't the only center of attention. The various kids playing in the fountain were also a big hit, as were the guitarist and his dog. Oh yes, and who could forget the wooden pig:

Pig, interrupted

Anyway, Becky and I had fun (as did Loyette!). But alas, I don't think I took any particularly extraordinary pictures. Here, for what they're worth, are a few of my favorites from the photos I took:

Evening light



Inside and out


Fountain fun

Of course, I was severely outclassed in the camera department, as just about everyone there had not just digital SLRs (in most cases more advanced than my Digital Rebel XTi), but also various fancy lenses and stuff, which I don't have. Then again, I can't exactly complain, considering that Becky was using my old Canon PowerShot A95 -- and yet I personally think she got the best photo that either of us took!

IMG_8087.JPG (by Becky)

Harumph! :)

Anyway, my full Flickr gallery is here. It's three pages long.

P.S. Photos by other Knoxville "photo walkers" will eventually appear here.

Already, pics from today's various photowalks -- in locations all other the globe -- can be found by searching for the tag "photowalk."
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