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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon

The three brightest objects in the night sky, together for a close encounter Sunday, as seen from Gold Canyon, Arizona:



Venus is the brighter one, closer to the Moon. In the first photo, you can also see some airplanes taking off from Sky Harbor Airport.

Here's another shot of the heavenly trio -- you may need to squint in order to spot Jupiter, directly above Venus -- roughly 24 hours earlier, as seen from inside the Los Angeles Coliseum during Saturday's USC-Notre Dame game:


You can more easily see Jupiter in the larger version of that same picture. You can't quite make it out in this wider view, which also shows the Irish and Trojans lining up for a play. But trust me, it's there!

Yet another 24 hours earlier, here's a shot of just Venus and Jupiter (no Moon), as seen from Palm Desert, California, during our drive from Phoenix to L.A.:


The three heavenly bodies will make their closest approach to one another after sunset Monday. Definitely worth a look.

UPDATE: The climax!
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