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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photoblogging Knoxville, the final days

With our impending move to Denver, this Photoblog will soon take on a distinctly less Knoxvillian, more Coloradan flavor. And while I very much look forward to photographing the gorgeous grandeur of the Rockies and the bustling beauty of big-city life, I'll definitely miss the more understated, subtle charms of Knoxville. It's been a great place to live for a year-and-a-half -- and a fun place to take pictures.

Before we leave, I hope to update my Knoxville photo gallery, which I've been woefully lax about doing in recent months. For now, here are a couple shots I took last week, which I rather liked:



The first shot, of the Sunsphere, I actually took out my car window, while waiting at a red light on Henley Street the other day. I loved the cloud pattern and the positioning of the Sunsphere directly in front of the Sun, so I quickly rolled down the window, waited until there were no cars directly to my left, and snapped the shot. I got it just in time, before my light turned green. :)

See also my ever-expanding Election 2008 gallery, which I've mentioned on my other blog here and here. And, like I said, stay tuned for (hopefully) more Knoxville photos, sometime in the next 10 days or so.
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